“She’s lovely and I think you can tell that…”

Throughout my blog posts on Rachel McAdams, I have touched upon McAdams as a versatile actress. Although she has played many different characters, she seems to be the most sought after actress to play the main character in romance movies. Her movie, The Vow came out last week, therefore she has been all over the media. I went onto the fan site to find a written up interview between her and Channing Tatum (co-star in The Vow).

Channing Tatum: “To be totally honest, I think that so much of Rachel comes out in her films. There are different things in each character that are so her. If you watch some actors enough, you hope you can get some barometer of where they’re going to be when you meet them. Some people are totally different. Some are like “Oh, my God, you’re nothing like I thought you were going to be!” She’s lovely and I think you can tell that. She’s a sweetie and she has that in most of her characters.” (http://rachelmcadams.org/)

Since I have not touched upon McAdams outside of her career, I found this interview exciting. Her bubbly answers to each question and interaction with Channing Tatum made me that much more excited to go see The Vow. I was not surprised by Channing Tatum’s remarks about both working with McAdams and who she is as a person. I can say I was pleased to find that her role as the sweet girl is who she really is and that many of her roles somewhat represent her.


One response to ““She’s lovely and I think you can tell that…”

  1. I like how you concluded your blog by finishing with an interview with McAdams. We’ve been talking about their star image and how they are portrayed and talked about and little about who they are as a person. McAdams is the poster child for romance movies and I think she does the job well but I’m glad you expanded by view on McAdams by showing an interview with her.

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