“I like ‘invented’ her, you know what I mean?”

This photograph of Rachel McAdams was taken for her role in Mean Girls, a movie centered around the life of high school girls and the different cliques. Her role, Regina George is an over the top version of the most popular girl in school that every high school seems to have. This image of McAdams was taken for this role to summarize her character as the “queen bitch,” in which she rules the high school she goes to and even though nobody actually likes her, they all try hard to be her friend.  I found this photograph when I searched for Mean Girls and thought it perfectly represented Regina George. Her facial expression is an “I am better than you look,” and everyone who has seen Mean Girls could agree that Regina George does indeed believe she is the best. I picked this picture because when I think of McAdams, I think of the many different romance movies she has starred in. Although she flawlessly portrays the role of Regina George, she also successfully plays the sweet girl role, such as Ali in the Notebook. When I look at this picture, I believe it. I look at it and think, she is stuck up. As a fan of McAdams, I look at this image and find it remarkable that she can play complete opposite roles from The Notebook to Mean Girls and have equal success. I often forget that it was Rachel McAdams who played Regina George because I do not view her as that type of person. Therefore I picked this picture to show a facial expression one would never see McAdams do in The Notebook.

Mean Girls was McAdams’ big break in 2004 and came out around the same time as her movie “The Notebook,” where she was a sweet rich girl. Such movies as Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes, The Hot Chick, and Midnight in Paris are many examples of her versatility as an actress.


2 responses to ““I like ‘invented’ her, you know what I mean?”

  1. Very fun title for the introduction to the blog. I like how you mention that the actress can perform many different roles. Try going into details what other roles she can play and also, do you think queen bitch is the role she plays best?

  2. I completely agree, Rachel McAdams did a fantastic job capturing the character of Regina George. I love Rachel McAdams as an actress and believe she does an amazing job of capturing her characters. While her roles vary from “Mean Girls” to “The Notebook” she is able to embody each one so well. I think she will be an interesting actress to analyze because she is popular but also not an actress you see in the tabloids on a regular basis. I’m excited to see your further analysis of her as a star because she is one of my favorite actresses.

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