“She’s lovely and I think you can tell that…”

Throughout my blog posts on Rachel McAdams, I have touched upon McAdams as a versatile actress. Although she has played many different characters, she seems to be the most sought after actress to play the main character in romance movies. Her movie, The Vow came out last week, therefore she has been all over the media. I went onto the fan site to find a written up interview between her and Channing Tatum (co-star in The Vow).

Channing Tatum: “To be totally honest, I think that so much of Rachel comes out in her films. There are different things in each character that are so her. If you watch some actors enough, you hope you can get some barometer of where they’re going to be when you meet them. Some people are totally different. Some are like “Oh, my God, you’re nothing like I thought you were going to be!” She’s lovely and I think you can tell that. She’s a sweetie and she has that in most of her characters.” (http://rachelmcadams.org/)

Since I have not touched upon McAdams outside of her career, I found this interview exciting. Her bubbly answers to each question and interaction with Channing Tatum made me that much more excited to go see The Vow. I was not surprised by Channing Tatum’s remarks about both working with McAdams and who she is as a person. I can say I was pleased to find that her role as the sweet girl is who she really is and that many of her roles somewhat represent her.


Rachel McAdams Online


The Rachel McAdams fan website has been around since 2004 and claims to be, “The most complete fan site dedicated to the talented Canadian actress Rachel McAdams.” This site provides viewers and fans with the latest news, photos, quotes, interviews, movie clips etc. This website is well organized into tabs at the top, such as, Rachel McAdams, Career, Gallery, Media Archive, Forum, Fan Media, Library, Quotes, and Site/Web. If you click on each of these tabs, many different links drop down, which make up the subject of the tab. Each tab including about three to five sections that allow maximum fan research on McAdams. This site has an abundant amount of recent photographs and interview clips because the movie, “the Vow,” starring McAdams comes out Friday February 10th, therefore she is all over the press/media. Not only does Mcadams have a movie coming out, but also she had roles in both Sherlock Holmes and Midnight in Paris, which just recently came out.

Rachel McAdams Online Fan Blog adoringly engages her star image. There is not much critical writing, but instead, it is a structured site that allows her fans to follow her snapshots of her that seem to be updated almost everyday. Fans can click on the Fan Media tab at the top and see a photo gallery, a library of interviews/press releases/articles, and videos. Also under this tab one can download AIM icons, live journal icons, and computer wallpapers to personalize and express their love for McAdams.

“The Notebook”

I chose to analyze the clip from “The Notebook.” Although this is a short clip from the movie, it summarizes Rachel Mcadams’ character as Ali precisely. Throughout the movie, we watch Ali grow up from her young and naive self to her matured self. This flirtatious, energetic, young and in love scene includes little dialogue from Ryan Gosling (Noah) and is mainly carried by Rachel Mcadams’. The camera follows her as if it were through Noah’s eyes and when the camera turns to him, notice the way he looks at her or his “gaze.” The camera shot on her the whole time makes one feel Noah’s adoration and infatuation with Ali. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” is a scene from “The Notebook” that is memorable because Mcadams successfully portrays a young girl in love that does not know what the future holds. Her energy and playful movements, such as her flapping her arms like a bird, make this short clip full of life, which if you have seen “The Notebook” is why Noah and the rest of the characters in the movie love Ali.

As I looked through famous scenes of Rachel Mcadams, I noticed the many romance movies she has starred in such as, “The Notebook,” “The Time Travelers Wife,” and “The Vow”. Also, in each of these movies she plays the role of the sweet girl even in the movie “Wedding Crashers.” Mcadams has successfully played the nice girl, but her movies such as, “Mean Girls,” “The Hot Chick,” and “Midnight in Paris;” she has grasped a completely different role as the self-absorbed mean girl. When I watched short clips of her many different roles, I find it remarkable that she has taken on many different roles and with great triumph.

“I like ‘invented’ her, you know what I mean?”

This photograph of Rachel McAdams was taken for her role in Mean Girls, a movie centered around the life of high school girls and the different cliques. Her role, Regina George is an over the top version of the most popular girl in school that every high school seems to have. This image of McAdams was taken for this role to summarize her character as the “queen bitch,” in which she rules the high school she goes to and even though nobody actually likes her, they all try hard to be her friend.  I found this photograph when I searched for Mean Girls and thought it perfectly represented Regina George. Her facial expression is an “I am better than you look,” and everyone who has seen Mean Girls could agree that Regina George does indeed believe she is the best. I picked this picture because when I think of McAdams, I think of the many different romance movies she has starred in. Although she flawlessly portrays the role of Regina George, she also successfully plays the sweet girl role, such as Ali in the Notebook. When I look at this picture, I believe it. I look at it and think, she is stuck up. As a fan of McAdams, I look at this image and find it remarkable that she can play complete opposite roles from The Notebook to Mean Girls and have equal success. I often forget that it was Rachel McAdams who played Regina George because I do not view her as that type of person. Therefore I picked this picture to show a facial expression one would never see McAdams do in The Notebook.

Mean Girls was McAdams’ big break in 2004 and came out around the same time as her movie “The Notebook,” where she was a sweet rich girl. Such movies as Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes, The Hot Chick, and Midnight in Paris are many examples of her versatility as an actress.