Rachel McAdams Online


The Rachel McAdams fan website has been around since 2004 and claims to be, “The most complete fan site dedicated to the talented Canadian actress Rachel McAdams.” This site provides viewers and fans with the latest news, photos, quotes, interviews, movie clips etc. This website is well organized into tabs at the top, such as, Rachel McAdams, Career, Gallery, Media Archive, Forum, Fan Media, Library, Quotes, and Site/Web. If you click on each of these tabs, many different links drop down, which make up the subject of the tab. Each tab including about three to five sections that allow maximum fan research on McAdams. This site has an abundant amount of recent photographs and interview clips because the movie, “the Vow,” starring McAdams comes out Friday February 10th, therefore she is all over the press/media. Not only does Mcadams have a movie coming out, but also she had roles in both Sherlock Holmes and Midnight in Paris, which just recently came out.

Rachel McAdams Online Fan Blog adoringly engages her star image. There is not much critical writing, but instead, it is a structured site that allows her fans to follow her snapshots of her that seem to be updated almost everyday. Fans can click on the Fan Media tab at the top and see a photo gallery, a library of interviews/press releases/articles, and videos. Also under this tab one can download AIM icons, live journal icons, and computer wallpapers to personalize and express their love for McAdams.


2 responses to “Rachel McAdams Online

  1. You did a very good job going into detail what the fan site had in store giving an excellent idea as to how the site worked. Your mention of the lack of critical writing and explanation that it is more for a photographic following of the actress gave great insight into how the fan site functioned. It would of been interesting if you pursued a deeper social explanation as to why the site is set up in such a way rather than having one with critical analysis of her roles/star image/personality etc.

  2. Our star’s fan sites are very similar in design. Personally I like the fan site you chose for McAdams far more than the one I found for Aniston. While I agree with you there is little critical analysis on the site it far surpasses jenaniston.net. I like your description of site because it really shows you explored the site and you commented on what worked and what didn’t work.

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