“The Notebook”

I chose to analyze the clip from “The Notebook.” Although this is a short clip from the movie, it summarizes Rachel Mcadams’ character as Ali precisely. Throughout the movie, we watch Ali grow up from her young and naive self to her matured self. This flirtatious, energetic, young and in love scene includes little dialogue from Ryan Gosling (Noah) and is mainly carried by Rachel Mcadams’. The camera follows her as if it were through Noah’s eyes and when the camera turns to him, notice the way he looks at her or his “gaze.” The camera shot on her the whole time makes one feel Noah’s adoration and infatuation with Ali. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” is a scene from “The Notebook” that is memorable because Mcadams successfully portrays a young girl in love that does not know what the future holds. Her energy and playful movements, such as her flapping her arms like a bird, make this short clip full of life, which if you have seen “The Notebook” is why Noah and the rest of the characters in the movie love Ali.

As I looked through famous scenes of Rachel Mcadams, I noticed the many romance movies she has starred in such as, “The Notebook,” “The Time Travelers Wife,” and “The Vow”. Also, in each of these movies she plays the role of the sweet girl even in the movie “Wedding Crashers.” Mcadams has successfully played the nice girl, but her movies such as, “Mean Girls,” “The Hot Chick,” and “Midnight in Paris;” she has grasped a completely different role as the self-absorbed mean girl. When I watched short clips of her many different roles, I find it remarkable that she has taken on many different roles and with great triumph.


2 responses to ““The Notebook”

  1. I’m glad you chose this clip because I feel like I always identify Rachel McAdams with the role of Ali in “The Notebook”. I completely agree with your analysis of Ali as a character and McAdams as a star. You did a good job of paralleling her other roles with this particular scene. I think McAdams will be an interesting star to continuing analyzing especially with her new role in “The Vow” that’s coming out this week.

  2. You did an excellent analysis of Noah’s gaze and your explanation as to how the camera moves and what it signifies is great. I felt that your clip and explanation of Rachel Mcadam’s character was quite insightful especially when paired with your previous post. You give Rachel an excellent and fair display of her talents showing her mean girl side and then in this post, showing her sweet girl act. Very good choice.

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